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here you´ll find all the novotones tracks that were not released on Kaos Farm or other labels. Push the Tape Button and enjoy listening ...


"Fredy-Sau Freundeskreis (Jazz Rock II)"

"all about chess hooligans"

"Warn A Brother"

"Snow Cat"

"King Ricky rides again"


"Daddy D."

"L´Esterel a´la Plage"


"Danbury Blue"

"Easy Street"

"NEUes vom Niederrhein (Sonntagsfahrverbot ´73)"

"Take me out"


"Afri - Smokers Delight"

"Boredom is King"

"Bienvenue à la lutte"

"Bad Habits"

"Bossa, Bossa, Bossa"

"Great Depression No.9 (Original Version)"

"WhiZZ-PoP (Original-Version)"

"WhiZZ-PoP (Folk-Version)"

"Ennio´s Lament"

"Black Knight"

"Bienvenue à la lutte ( Instrumental")

"My Tribe"

"Hot Spot Injection"

"2. Shot"


"Brutti ma Buoni"

"Adieu Tristesse"

"Sugar me "

"Hourglass "